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Ebola in the U.S.: Precautions and Safety

Ebola Prevention and Safety - CDC Infographic

While we don’t want to unnecessarily concern the public, we recognize that adequate preparation and education are key to preventing the further spread of the disease. Preventive and protective measures to respond to a potential Ebola outbreak are underway at Franciscan Hospital for Children.

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Valet Parking Comes to FHC

Parking Lot A Signage

Beginning on Tuesday, September 2nd guests may notice some new welcoming faces as they enter Parking Lot A. We are piloting a complimentary valet parking service for guests in order to improve our patients and families’ experience as they arrive and depart Franciscan Hospital for Children.

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Is it Sensory or Behavior? OT Detectives to the Rescue!

Sensory or Behavior

Do you find yourself asking, why does my child do that? Why does my child not take a bath? Why won’t they eat a banana? How can I stop them from doing that behavior? You’re not alone, and many parents have turned to Occupational Therapy as a way to help answer these seemingly never-ending questions.


Kennedy Day School Lemonade Stand: Taste Testing

Kennedy Day School Lemonade Tasting

The Lemonade Stand construction was complete and with summer just around the corner, we knew it was time to make the lemonade! With so many brands on the market, we decided to put it to a vote and let our customers decide with an official taste test.

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Bike Helmet Safety

Bike Helmet Safety

Carrie Barlow, PT PCS, Director of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy programs at FHC, talks bike helmet safety and tips for happy riding!


Kennedy Day School Lemonade Stand: The Building Process

Choosing Tape Color

Over the past several years, the Project Excel vocational program at the Kennedy Day School, has developed work-based projects, providing meaningful experiences for our students that benefit others. These projects have served the local community and communities abroad, responding to needs in Haiti and Pakistan. Currently, our Project Excel students are working in collaboration with… Continue Reading

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Celebrating Mother’s Day at FHC

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a milestone for moms everywhere and is typically spent pampering mom with special gifts, dinner out, or just some peace and quiet. But for some, the celebration of Mom’s special day is a different experience. For some, it takes place in a hospital setting. This Mother’s Day, our Child Life staff honored… Continue Reading

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Occupational Therapy: Favorite iPad Apps

Occupational Therapy iPad Applications

Numerous (and often free) iPad applications can be used to help children of various ages and abilities to develop and master skills in a fun way. Take a look at some of our favorite apps, grouped according to the skill area typically addressed by occupational therapists.


Kennedy Day School Lemonade Stand:
Project Launch

Adaptive Bike

In collaboration with Bug’s Bikes, our Kennedy Day School Project Excel students and staff are opening a Lemonade Stand! From building to decorating, designing advertisements to squeezing lemons, our students will assist in all aspects of this project.

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Torticollis Blog Tummy Time

Torticollis. A word that might make you think of tortoises or turtles, Torticollis is actually Latin for “twisted neck.” As a parent, you might recognize Torticollis in a few different ways. Your baby or toddler may hold their head tilted to the side, or turn their head in just one direction. Torticollis can also be associated with Plagiocephaly, or a flat head.