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News and insight from Franciscan about our philosophy of hope through healthcare and recent issues affecting children’s wellness.


‘Tis The Season Of Giving

2.Toyland Collage

The holiday season seems to sneak up on us earlier every year. While that can seem a bit daunting at times, at Franciscan we are happy to start celebrating the “Season of Giving” as early as possible. There are always moments throughout the holiday season – big or small – that remind us of what… Continue Reading

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From Tragedy to Triumph

Marathon Runner

With the help of his care team at Franciscan, Nick Prefontaine overcame incredible odds to recover from a tragic snowboarding accident twelve years ago. Today, he’s getting ready to run his first marathon in our honor.


A Different Perspective on Back-to-School

Murray Family

Our guest blogger is mom to Michael and Eric, twin boys who attend the Kennedy Day School onsite at Franciscan, and Katie who attends a local public school. Back-to-School is a bit different for the Murray family, and Amy tells us why!

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Breakfast: Fuel for School

53. Breakfast Ideas

There’s a reason why breakfast is often called “the most important meal of the day.” Emily, one of our Registered Dietitians, talks the benefits of breakfast, the best kinds of breakfasts, and easy, breezy, breakfast ideas for your family!

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Baby Acne

baby photo

One of our Pediatricians, Dr. Varuna Tuli, sat down with us to dispel some of the myths around one of the most common concerns new parents have in those very early days of a baby’s life.


Making A Difference – Insights From Our Donors

48.3 Donor Thank You

Did you know that July was National Make a Difference to Children Month? Our families, friends, staff, and our donors make a difference to the children we serve every single day. In the spirit and celebration of making a difference in the lives of kids, we spoke with two of our donors about how and why they support Franciscan Hospital for Children.

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A Carnival Unlike Any Other

Kid Fund Carnival - Airbrush Tattoo

Each year on the last Friday in July the KID Fund Carnival is held onsite at Franciscan Hospital for Children, bringing together staff, children, families and guests for a day of laughter and fun.

Behavioral Health Support Services

Mindfulness Meditation

Group of teens with closed eyes sitting on the desks and meditating.  The focus is on the Caucasian man wearing blue t-shirt. 


Mindfulness meditation has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of a variety of mental health issues, and has been incorporated into a variety of therapeutic treatment approaches. In mindfulness practice we do our best to “be with” whatever is happening in an aware and self-loving way, often with a focus on present moment body sensations, thoughts, and emotions.


Korey’s Kennedy Day School Graduation


Korey Foley’s story at Franciscan began when he was just three years old. Nineteen years later, Korey has become a well-known, smiling face both inside and outside our halls for friends of the hospital and the Kennedy Day School (KDS). Last week we celebrated a big milestone for Korey, his family and his friends – his graduation from the Kennedy Day School.


WATCH’s 10 Top Summer Safety Traps

42. WATCH Safety 4 Cover v2

A long-awaited break from our harsh winter this year, there’s still plenty of room for fun and games this summer while also being conscious of the safety of your family! WATCH shares with us their 10 Top Summer Safety Traps and Summer Safety To-Do list.

Education News

Transition & Adult Services Resource Fair

Bay Cove Team Photo Transition Fair

A critical issue for families of children with disabilities, transition planning for adulthood is an area with which many parents struggle. Therefore, providing a forum for families to interact and connect with adult services professionals was both important and rewarding. We were thrilled to welcome over 20 families & numerous professionals to our first Transition and Adult Services Resource Fair.