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We welcome the involvement of individuals, corporations, and foundations wishing to collaborate with us to help children reach their potential. Depending upon your interest and level of commitment, friends of the hospital may wish to:

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Leverage the hospital’s name by being a named corporate sponsor. Examples of collaborations with corporate partners have included research projects, new program implementations, and event partnerships. To discuss finding a sponsorship opportunity that meets your needs, contact Mark Cummings, Chief Advancement and Marketing Officer, at

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The hospital purchases many types of products and services as part of its operations. Many individuals and firms have offered these resources to the hospital, and in exchange, may receive a tax deduction. For more information about how to make an in-kind gift, contact Chantal Brandimarte, Advancement Associate, at


We recognize your time is valuable. Friends of the hospital may wish to volunteer as part of a corporate community day, or complete an organized one-time event, like hosting a holiday party for patients. For more information, contact Marisa Podolski, Director of Events, at

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Social media is an important way we build support and awareness for the important work that is done at the hospital. We welcome supporters to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay in touch.

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Members of the Board of Visitors have made a commitment to raising awareness and funds for the hospital. Members are nominated, and elected to serve by invitation of hospital leadership. Current members are:

Jean Barrett
State Rep. Michael J. Moran
Anissa M. Battaglino
Judy Parkhurst
David Batista
Jonathan T. Parkhurst
Fern B. Beck
Laura N. Pontin
Kerry Collins
Christopher G. Prefontaine
Joseph G. DiLorenzo
George K. Regan, Jr.
Joseph J. Frassica, MD
Mark E. Romano
Mark Fratus
George Sawin
Joseph R. Fratus
Kate Sheridan
Sean P. Gavin
Tracie L. Sullivan
Steven Grossman
Michael A. Sullivan
Terry Hamilton
Barbara Swartz
Todd Harris
Steven A. Tolman
State Rep. Kevin G. Honan
Tim Wakefield
Moe Maloney
Sr. Pauline M. Williams, FMM
Dan Marous
Janet Wu
James McSweeney

To learn more about the Board of Visitors and how to get involved, please contact Mark Cummings, Chief Advancement and Marketing Officer, at

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A breakup, final exams and a fight with her parents were enough to send AMY into an emotional tailspin. Her low self-esteem and undiagnosed depression compounded every issue. Her parents were concerned. Despite going to great lengths to try to help, their daughter was withdrawing from social activities. Her friends’ reactions only added to the emotional turmoil she felt. The only answer to her pain appeared to be suicide, the step she thought she had to take. Fortunately for AMY, before making that devastating choice, help was within reach.

Throughout its history, Franciscan Hospital for Children has evolved to meet the changing needs of youth. When it comes to behavioral health, our aim is to provide the right level of care at the right time, whether it is prevention, intervention, or support during a crisis. Working in partnership with McLean Hospital and other first class institutions, our care has been recognized for excellence. Franciscan Hospital for Children is a rehabilitation hospital located in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston.

These difficulties cross all boundaries of gender, class and race. AMY is your neighbor, your student or your son’s friend. She is the young woman alone at the park, the child being bullied on the sports field or the child with special needs who doesn’t seem to fit in. She is both an individual and one of many; she is Any Modern Youth.

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